Tongue Barbells By Gauge

Enjoy this collection of stylish tongue rings where you can choose your tongue piercing jewelry by its gauge size. It's very important to decide which tongue gauge size you want to have and make sure you'll feel comfortable with it. The largest one for tongue piercing is 10 gauge and the smallest- 16gauge. Choose your tongue barbell depending on the size of your piercing opening and enjoy our wide choice of designs, shapes and materials. We offer you 10gauge/12gauge/14gauge/16gauge tongue rings and barbells with spikes and balls, dices and half balls. Keep your piercing healthy and attractive.

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10 Ga Tongue Jewelry 12 Gauge Tongue Barbells 12 Ga Tongue Jewelry 14 Gauge Tongue Barbells 14 Ga Tongue Jewelry
16 Gauge Tongue Barbells 16 Ga Tongue Jewelry