Belly Rings, Navel Piercing

Enjoy this stunning collection of magnificent navel piercing jewelry! Navel piercing is ancient type of body modification which is very popular nowadays. If you want to put attractive accent on your belly and make it look sexy and eye-catching, try our stylish belly button rings and navel barbells! We offer you the hugest selection of durable and fashionable navel piercing jewelry in best quality materials, various gauge sizes and designs. Choose the jewelry of your style- elegant or classical, extreme or gothic, sexy or tribal and enjoy its high style, beauty and durability. Our up-to-date navel piercing jewelry is to your disposal at the lowest prices available! Be unique and show your beauty and individuality.

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Navel ring with dangling steel "STRIPPER"Navel ring with dangling steel "STRIPPER"Retail Price: $9.19
Your Price: $7.99
Navel Ring with Dangling Glossed DolphinNavel Ring with Dangling Glossed DolphinRetail Price: $11.49
Your Price: $9.99
Navel ring with dangling red hearts and skullNavel ring with dangling red hearts and skullRetail Price: $9.19
Your Price: $7.99
Acrylic flesh tone belly ringAcrylic flesh tone belly ringRetail Price: $4.59
Your Price: $3.99
Navel ring with Lapis Lazuli stoneNavel ring with Lapis Lazuli stoneRetail Price: $12.64
Your Price: $10.99