Labrets, Monroe Studs

Enjoy this collection of magnificent labrets! Lip piercing is amazing way to attract attention to your lips and we are glad to offer you a wide choice of stylish labret studs in variety of gauge sizes, designs and materials. Labrets will help to make your lips sexy and eye-catching. In our collection you'll find labrets in best quality titanium, stainless steel, acrylic, gold and PTFE. Ball, cone and spiked labrets are to your disposal at the lowest prices available. Show your individuality, the beauty of your lips and your style!

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Labret With Multi-Gem Acrylic Colored Ball, 14 GaLabret With Multi-Gem Acrylic Colored Ball, 14 GaRetail Price: $5.74
Your Price: $4.99
Black labret with ball, 14 gaBlack labret with ball, 14 gaRetail Price: $8.04
Your Price: $6.99
Acrylic ball with stone labret, 12gaAcrylic ball with stone labret, 12gaRetail Price: $5.74
Your Price: $4.99
14k Gold Labret with Turquoiseball14k Gold Labret with TurquoiseballRetail Price: $52.77
Your Price: $45.89
Labret with long curved tail-like tuskLabret with long curved tail-like tuskRetail Price: $11.49
Your Price: $9.99
multi gem ball labret, 12 gamulti gem ball labret, 12 gaRetail Price: $9.76
Your Price: $8.49
Black half ball labret, 14 gaBlack half ball labret, 14 gaRetail Price: $10.34
Your Price: $8.99