Stainless Surgical Steel

Enjoy this collection of high quality stainless steel piercing jewelry! Our stainless steel jewelry makes any piercing up-to-date and attractive. Stainless steel is safe and durable material which is on the top of popularity in piercing jewelry. This corrosion resistant and beautiful material look stylish and our steel curved barbells and twisters, steel belly button rings and captive bead rings will add a hint of high style to your outlook. We offer you only best quality stainless steel piercing jewelry in various designs and gauge sizes at the lowest prices available. Show your individual style and be unique!

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Steel Hematite Vintage Brooch ChandelierSteel Hematite Vintage Brooch ChandelierRetail Price: $10.33
Your Price: $8.98
Internally threaded barbell, 8gaInternally threaded barbell, 8gaRetail Price: $9.76
Your Price: $8.49
Dice labret, 10 gaDice labret, 10 gaRetail Price: $10.34
Your Price: $8.99
Steel Eye of Pearl Centered Dangle Navel RingSteel Eye of Pearl Centered Dangle Navel RingRetail Price: $13.79
Your Price: $11.99
Square captive bead ring, 16 gaSquare captive bead ring, 16 gaRetail Price: $4.59
Your Price: $3.99
Gold Tone Gemmed Princess Septum ClickerGold Tone Gemmed Princess Septum ClickerRetail Price: $12.64
Your Price: $10.99