Piercing Tusks

Enjoy this collection of stylish tusks! Tusks worn as amulets on the necklaces and in nose, ears, lips and other parts of the face symbolized the courage and strength of the hunters. Nowadays tusks are popular pieces of piercing jewelry usually worn in ear piercing. Our tusks come in variety of designs, gauge sizes and materials. Stainless steel, acrylic, titanium and mother of pearl tusks will add a hint of extreme elegance to your outlook. Wearing our tusks you'll feel comfortable and your piercing will be healthy and attractive!

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8 Gauge Curved Hole Expander8 Gauge Curved Hole ExpanderRetail Price: $11.20
Your Price: $9.74
4 gauge mother of pearl tusk4 gauge mother of pearl tuskRetail Price: $9.19
Your Price: $7.99
Labret with long curved tail-like tuskLabret with long curved tail-like tuskRetail Price: $11.49
Your Price: $9.99
6 gauge acrylic striped tusk6 gauge acrylic striped tuskRetail Price: $7.46
Your Price: $6.49
8 gauge acrylic striped tusk8 gauge acrylic striped tuskRetail Price: $5.74
Your Price: $4.99
Glow in dark hole expander, 4 gaGlow in dark hole expander, 4 gaRetail Price: $6.89
Your Price: $5.99
12 gauge steel tusk12 gauge steel tuskRetail Price: $4.59
Your Price: $3.99
Steel skull tusk labretSteel skull tusk labretRetail Price: $11.49
Your Price: $9.99
Faux 0 gauge expander, 14 gaFaux 0 gauge expander, 14 gaRetail Price: $15.51
Your Price: $13.49