Vibrating Tongue Rings

Enjoy this exclusive collection of vibrating tongue rings! This inventive type of tongue jewelry will open you new possibilities of your piercing and bring many positive emotions. Though the size of the ring is not large, the vibration is really strong. If you haven't tried vibration tongue barbell, we can assure you- you've never experienced anything like that. Stainless steel will provide the long and free use of the ring and its reliability and high quality engineering are proved by our customers. A battery lasts up to 60 minutes and this time will definitely turn to be the best in your sexual life as well as you can enjoy it alone just for fun.

Vibrating Tongue Rings: 2 items
Vibrating Tongue Ring, 14 GaVibrating Tongue Ring, 14 GaRetail Price: $18.39
Your Price: $15.99
Silicone vibrating tongue ring, 14 gaSilicone vibrating tongue ring, 14 gaRetail Price: $18.39
Your Price: $15.99