14k Rose Gold Piercing Jewelry

Enjoy this collection of exquisite rose gold piercing jewelry! In ancient times people knew only one type of gold- yellow gold. Later with the development of technologies and fashion trends, gold appeared in other colors and types. Rose gold piercing jewelry is immensely beautiful and though the price for it is lower than that for yellow gold, rose gold still remains elegant and eye-catching and rose gold piercing jewelry doesn't lack high quality and amazing beauty. In our collection we always offer you stylish and gorgeous 14k rose gold piercing jewelry in variety of shapes and designs. If you want to look chic and attractive putting an elegant accent on your piercing, our 14K rose gold piercing jewelry will meet all your needs!

14k Rose Gold Piercing Jewelry: 3 items
14k Gold Nose Bone With Ball Tip14k Gold Nose Bone With Ball TipRetail Price: $22.07
Your Price: $19.19
14k Gold Septum Retainer14k Gold Septum RetainerRetail Price: $63.25
Your Price: $55.00