Internally Threaded Tongue Rings and Studs

Enjoy this collection of best quality internally threaded tongue rings! Internally threaded jewelry is the best choice for fresh tongue piercing as well as for healed tongue piercing. This type of piercing jewelry is safe, easy to insert and take off and it is unlikely to cause irritation and damage. Internally threaded jewelry is worth the money you'll pay for it and it's proved by years and experience of thousand people. In our collection we always offer you the hugest selection of beautiful and stunning internally threaded tongue rings and barbells in variety of gauge sizes, designs and materials. Keep your piercing healthy and attractive!

Internally Threaded Tongue Rings and Studs: 3 items
12 Gauge Internally Threaded Barbell12 Gauge Internally Threaded BarbellRetail Price: $8.61
Your Price: $7.49
Internally Threaded Straight Barbell, 0 GaInternally Threaded Straight Barbell, 0 GaRetail Price: $13.79
Your Price: $11.99