Enjoy this collection of durable and stylish retainers! Our life is full of unexpected situations and events. People wearing piercing jewelry should always be prepared for the situations when they will have to replace their piercing jewelry with piercing retainer. We offer you a wide choice of retainers for all piercing types and in various gauge sizes and designs. Our retainers come in plastic, rubber and PTFE and all of them are lightweight and wear resistant. Your piercing will be kept open and sterile yet unnoticed. It's easy to follow social rules and medical recommendations with our piercing retainers.

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Surgical Steel Septum Ring Titanium AnodizedSurgical Steel Septum Ring Titanium AnodizedRetail Price: $8.61
Your Price: $7.49
Eyebrow piercing retainer, 16 gaEyebrow piercing retainer, 16 gaRetail Price: $4.01
Your Price: $3.49
Pink Tongue Piercing / Nipple Piercing Retainer, 14 GaPink Tongue Piercing / Nipple Piercing Retainer, 14 GaRetail Price: $2.86
Your Price: $2.49
U Shape (For Septum, Nipple, Etc), 12 GaU Shape (For Septum, Nipple, Etc), 12 GaRetail Price: $4.01
Your Price: $3.49
Labret piercing retainer, 14 gaLabret piercing retainer, 14 gaRetail Price: $4.01
Your Price: $3.49