Skull Tongue Rings

Enjoy this unique collection of stylish skull tongue rings! Skull piercing jewelry came into fashion and gained its popularity very soon. Nowadays skull jewelry is worn by teens as well as by adults. Skull tongue rings are associated with adventures, pirates and danger. Skull is also a symbol widely used in gothic culture. In our collection we always offer you the widest choice of elegant and extreme design skull tongue rings in best quality materials, variety of colors and gauge sizes. You can also enjoy our stunning jeweled skull tongue rings sparkling with colorful gems. Add a hint of mystery to your outlook. Be surprising and unique!

Skull Tongue Rings: 2 items
Tongue barbell with skull top, 14 gaTongue barbell with skull top, 14 gaRetail Price: $5.74
Your Price: $4.99
Skull logo tongue ring, 14 gaSkull logo tongue ring, 14 gaRetail Price: $5.74
Your Price: $4.99